COLDSTOR Data Archive Selected by NTT America for Business Continuity and Archiving Managed Services

Company Cites COLDSTOR Data’s Content Security, Ease of Use, and “Chain of Custody”
Content Handling and Documentation Applications as Essential to Cloud Archive Solution

Lebanon, NH – 9 a.m. EDT, August 29, 2011

– COLDSTOR Data, Inc., a privately funded developer of data archiving and long term content
preservation solutions, announced today that it has been selected to provide archive services for NTT
America’s Private Cloud as part of its data backup and archiving services. NTT America, a wholly owned
subsidiary of NTT Communications Corporation, a global infrastructure services provider, announced
today at VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas, NV, that it has expanded its data storage portfolio capabilities with
COLDSTOR’s suite of data archiving and custody services.

Doug McMaster, NTT America’s vice president of Data Center Services, said, “COLDSTOR Data’s Archive
platform is designed to meet the strict requirements of today’s enterprises, and ensures data integrity
and security over the long-term in a format optimized for convenient cloud-based access. We are
particularly impressed with its ability to generate an unbreakable “Chain of Custody” to track and
document the handling of content throughout its lifecycle. Being able to prove the authenticity and
integrity of content and assure its availability, even years later, is essential to any business continuity

COLDSTOR Data founder Joel Love said, “We are proud to have been chosen by NTT America to be part
of its business continuity service. COLDSTOR Data’s architecture was built from the ground up to meet
the requirements of content preservation professionals. Every step of our process is captured in a write
once format, content is replicated to ensure continuity even in the most challenging contingencies
and all content handling is meticulously documented in a form designed to meet the most rigorous
standards. We are particularly pleased that NTT America supports the ability to move computing
operations between premises or public, private and hybrid cloud environments. This level of flexibility is
essential to ensure that storage and archive assets are available on demand and that critical content and
applications are held in an environment consistent with our customer’s security requirements.”

About COLDSTOR Data:

COLDSTOR Data is the first cloud-based digital archive platform built from the ground up to meet the
exacting requirements of data preservation professionals. Today COLDSTOR Data archives content
from a variety of businesses and institutions that need to securely archive digital content in a readily
accessible form that preserves access rights and restrictions mandated by internal policies or external
regulations. COLDSTOR Data’s “Unbreakable Chain of Custody TM” generates an auditable record that
helps customers prove the authenticity and provenance of their archived data and demonstrate that it
has been handled appropriately during the entirety of its lifecycle.

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